Also Doosan customers are looking for flexible process optimization

4 November 2018

More than ever, machining companies are looking for solutions to optimize their processes. This has been demonstrated again this week during the Open House at Dormac CNC Solutions, where HALTER CNC Automation demonstrated the HALTER LoadAssistant Universal.


“The interest in our solution was even greater this year than it was last year,” says Frans Fontein, an area manager at HALTER CNC Automation. Operators from more than 150 companies visited the open house at the supplier of, among other things, Doosan CNC machines. Some of them are already working with the HALTER LoadAssistant. “Everyone is looking for a solution to optimize the process. Companies see that it is a shame if an experienced CNC operator, who can program, has to put his time into the loading of the machines. Our robot frees up time for creating new programs.” The HALTER LoadAssistant offers the unique opportunity to remove workpieces from the cell and to prepare new material while the robot loads the CNC machine. New programs are also being made while the robot is running. The loading process does not have to be interrupted, so the HALTER LoadAssistant can really run 24/7. “And making these programs is really easy for us.” Frans Fontein notes that the number of customers purchasing a second or third HALTER LoadAssistant has increased over the past year. “You can easily move the complete cell to another CNC machine. However, we see that most customers buy a second robot after a while because they discover how much this increases their production.”


On 4, 5 and 6 December, HALTER CNC Automation will participate in the Technology Days of Okuma Europe in Krefeld, Germany. The flexible robot loading cell will be connected to an Okuma Multus B200W.