Doosan TT1800SY et Doosan 2600Y avec HALTER LoadAssistant

Doosan TT1800SY et Doosan 2600Y avec HALTER LoadAssistant EIMCo, LLC avec universal premium 25/35

« Nous pouvons déplacer facilement le HALTER d’une machine à l’autre. »
Rick Hoffman, CEO, EIMCo, LLC
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Universal Premium 25/35

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EIMCo continuously invests in new technology and is able to offer its customers complete solutions. Shortly after the install of the TT1800SY with the HALTER LoadAssistant a second Halter was bought and connected to a Doosan 2600Y. Director Rick Hoffman: “The Halter systems are very flexible and a set up for a new part can be done very quickly. Besides that we can easily move the Halter and therefore we have the flexibility to connect the Halter to any other machine. This is a huge advantage, we used to buy gantry loader machines and you basically throw that away when you replace it, no one wants a gantry in the used market. Now we can replace the old machine and attach the Halter to the new machine. Simple!”


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