Whitepaper: CNC Automation - Customised or Generic

04 December 2020

Flexible automation is a necessity  

It is clear that automation offers the solution to the challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Smaller series, pressure on delivery times and prices, and a growing shortage of professionals make the flexible automation of CNC machines a necessity. But how do you automate? Is a cobot really the cheapest option? Or should you develop your own solution with a stand-alone robotic arm, tailored to your current production? Or do you opt for a flexible plug-and-play system?

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. What is just as important is the choice of supplier, because the right supplier will have extensive knowledge of automation and the CNC industry and will quickly be able to determine what the most suitable solution is. And as an automation partner, the supplier can also contribute to the development of its customers.

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Download Whitepaper: CNC Automation - Customised or generic

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