Load your Kitamura CNC machines easily with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Increase your return from the same machine with smart and efficient CNC automation.

Kitamura was established in 1933 in Japan, initially to produce paper pulp machines. In the 1960s it began to produce CNC machines for export to India and Europe. The rotation speeds at that time were unprecedented, which meant the beginning of the worldwide success of Kitamura and its CNC machines. Kitamura offers the advantages of extra-large processing machines, combined with excellent accuracy. The CNC machines are especially suitable for hard materials and the production of sustainable products. The connection to the HALTER LoadAssistant is easy to make. You can also have your Kitamura come equipped with the HALTER LoadAssistant and thereby increase the efficiency of your machine.
The payback period of the HALTER LoadAssistant can be realized within just one year.


Discover the ease of the HALTER LoadAssistant with a free 90-day demo


Kitamura with Halter LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant in action.

Watch the video and see how the HALTER LoadAssistant works.

Kitamura with Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation


The HALTER LoadAssistant is designed to improve the production output with a simple and affordable automation. Read the stories of our customers here.

Joseph Hurley, CEO | Pro Products, Inc.

"We are achieving our production target with just one CNC operator."

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Martin Richter, Project Manager | Tornado Antriebstechnik

"We achieve a spindle efficiency of 92% thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant."

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Tom Hogeling, Owner | Odemar Metaal B.V.

"Because the HALTER LoadAssistant could be adapted to our specific needs, we can produce more flexibly and efficiently."

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Boris Malek, Owner | FEWI d.o.o.

"The operation of the HALTER LoadAssistant is literally childishly simple."

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