DN Solutions Puma 400 M with HALTER LoadAssistant

DN Solutions Puma 400 M with HALTER LoadAssistant Odemar Metaal B.V. with turnstacker premium 25/35

"Because the HALTER LoadAssistant could be adapted to our specific needs, we can produce more flexibly and efficiently."
Tom Hogeling, Owner, Odemar Metaal B.V.
HALTER Turnstacker Premium 25/35 loading robot

TurnStacker Premium 25/35

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Odemar, which has been in business for 60 years, is a machining company that specializes in the development of machines and systems for the food and non-food industry. Components are made for machine building, with an emphasis on short delivery times and flexibility:“Our workpieces are of a fairly large size. HALTER worked with us to write a new program especially for us. As a result, we have more capacity for rough workpieces, the robot can work unmanned for 6 to 8 hours and the processing of finished workpieces is much easier.”

The parts are used for their own mechanical engineering and supplied to other machine builders . In addition, Odemar develops and produces its own products for various markets.

Odemar Metaal B.V.

Products and parts supplied for machine building

32 employees
the Netherlands