Load the Victor CNC machines easily and flexibly with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Increase your return from the same machine with smart and efficient CNC automation.

The European branch of Victor is located in Rochdale, Lancashire in England.
The parent company is based in Taiwan, from where they have conquered the world with their advanced CNC machines and CNC machining centers. Delivery, installation and commissioning of their machining centers are carried out from the branch in England, which also handles technical support, customer service and the supply of spare parts. That is why linking the HALTER LoadAssistant to a Victor CNC machine is a logical choice and can be done in no time, so that your production can continue day and night.

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Victor with Halter LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant® in action.

Watch the video and see how the HALTER LoadAssistant works.

Victor with Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation


Separator Spares International (SSI) from Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands recently purchased a HALTER LoadAssistant for the automatic loading of their Victor VturnII-25 and Victor A26YSCV lathes. With this purchase, the company wants to increase the spindle times on the existing Victors and thus have more production run on these machines, instead of purchasing another CNC machine. According to owner Sven Reimus: "We are very satisfied with our current operators, but prefer to place them where they have more added value for our company. Loading work is not exactly motivating and can now be perfectly taken over by the HALTER LoadAssistant. Setting up a series is really simple and we can also load small series with the HALTER. As a result, the spindle hours have increased drastically." Read more.

DKH Metaalbewerking B.V. from Uden specializes in the manufacture of small to medium-sized precision mechanical parts. The company produces single pieces to serial work up to the thousands. DKH has a Victor V-turn A26Y connected to their recently purchased a HALTER LoadAssistant. They have consciously chosen HALTER because of its simplicity and short changeover times. In addition to the significant increase in production output at the Victor, the company is now also able to deal with delivery times in a more flexible manner, because the HALTER can also be used outside regular working hours. Read more.

Rokem from Nieuwegein, the Netherlands has connected its Victor Vcenter AX350 to a HALTER LoadAssistant. Owner Van den Hoven is very satisfied with this: "We already had a HALTER LoadAssistant on our Nakamura multitasking machine and could quickly calculate that another HALTER LoadAssistant would help us to increase the spindle hours of the 5-axled Victor Vcenter. Our operator can now really occupy himself with creating new programs and work preparation and is no longer burdened with repetitive and simple loading work. The HALTER LoadAssistant does that for him now." Read more.


The HALTER LoadAssistant is designed to improve the production output with a simple and affordable automation. Read the stories of our customers here.

Sven Reimus, Owner | Separator Spares International BV

"Our operators now have more added value."

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