Victor VTURN II-26 with HALTER LoadAssistant

Victor VTURN II-26 with HALTER LoadAssistant Separator Spares International BV with universal premium 25/35

"Our operators now have more added value."
Sven Reimus, Owner, Separator Spares International BV

Universal Premium 25/35

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Separator Spares International recently purchased a HALTER LoadAssistant for automatic loading of lathes Victor Vturn II-26 and Victor A26YSCV. With this purchase, the company wants to increase the number of spindle hours on the existing Victors and increase production on these machines, rather than purchase a new CNC machine. Owner Sven Reimus: “We are very satisfied with our current operators, but we would rather place them where they have more added value for our company. Repetitive work is not particularly motivating and can now perfectly be taken over by the HALTER LoadAssistant. The setup is really simple and even small batches are worth being loaded with the HALTER. From the first day, the number of spindle hours increased dramatically.”

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