Mazak machining with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mazak machining with HALTER LoadAssistant Rusco Manufacturing, Inc. with universal premium 25/35

"With Halter our machining centers can be unmanned for longer periods of time."
Jason Winter, Son of the Founder, Rusco Manufacturing, Inc.

Universal Premium 25/35

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Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant, RUSCO Manufacturing has succeeded in increasing its margin, getting more production out of its machines and being less dependent on scarce professionals. “We are seeing an increase in our productivity and we are operating unmanned for many more hours,” says Jason Winters, son of the founder of RUSCO, Russ Winters. That is exactly the solution he was looking for, since the supplier of milling, lathing and grinding components, like many other machining companies, has difficulty finding enough skilled labor.

RUSCO now has five HALTER LoadAssistant robot cells at five different Mazak machining centers: “We chose HALTER because they are universally applicable. And with the HALTER LoadAssistant we can achieve the longest period of unmanned work of all the systems we looked at. More pieces coming out of the machine means more turnover.”

Now that the CNC operators can see that operating the robot cells makes their work more valuable, they have gotten over their initial fear of losing their jobs. “By working with the robots, they have come to realize that our goal is to have operators add more value with automation."

Rusco Manufacturing, Inc.

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