Universal 5-AXIS CNC Machining Center Spinner U5-630 with HALTER LoadAssistant

Universal 5-AXIS CNC Machining Center Spinner U5-630 with HALTER LoadAssistant Pross + Fischer Zerspanungstechnik GmbH with millstacker premium 25/35

"Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant, our professionals have time for tasks other than loading the CNC machines."
Rainer Pross, Owner, Pross + Fischer Zerspanungstechnik GmbH
HALTER MillStacker Premium 25/35 robot cell - high capacity

MillStacker Premium 25/35

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With the HALTER LoadAssistant S-180, the ability to stack up to several hundred milling pieces provides Pross + Fischer Zerspanungstechnik with the extra capacity that the supplier was looking for. “In order to be able to supply the numbers that our customers demand, we had to find a solution for milling at night and during the weekend. Without professionals, because we can hardly find them here in the region”, says owner Rainer Pross. The precision mechanical company from Birkenfeld-Gräfenhausen (near Pforzheim) has been able to significantly increase production on the Spinner U5-630 for several months.

The easy-to-operate robot cell continuously loads the universal 5-axis CNC milling machine with new material; even if one of the employees takes out the products that are ready. These employees are happy with the HALTER LoadAssistant, notes Rainer Pross: “They respond positively because they no longer have to tension the workpieces by hand. This gives them time to focus on other work.”

Because the Halter that Pross + Fischer has chosen is flexible in terms of storage capacity, production runs completely unmanned for a longer period of time during the weekend. “Because the robot can reverse the workpiece in the cell, we also do the second operation unmanned”, continues Rainer Pross is already thinking about future expansions: “We may be investing in a second Spinner CNC machine at the end of 2019, definitely with automation. And we will probably also automate our CNC turning machines in the future.”

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