DN Solutions LYNX 300M with HALTER LoadAssistant

DN Solutions LYNX 300M with HALTER LoadAssistant Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH with universal premium 25/35

"Robot knowledge is not necessary and that is exactly what we need to secure our future."
Reinhard Panzer, Owner, Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH

Universal Premium 25/35

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Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH has an extensive and high-quality machine park that manufactures high-precision components to customer specification. When the company was looking to automate its CNC machines, it tested various systems. Ultimately, the decision was made to purchase the HALTER LoadAssistant due to the flexibility and very fast changeover times. Founder and owner Reinhard Panzer: “We chose the HALTER LoadAssistant because of its flexibility in conjunction with the simple operation, where no robotics knowledge is required. This is what we needed to secure our future in an increasingly international marketplace.”

Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH

Specialized in manufacturing high-precision components to customer specification

35 employees