Doosan Puma 2600SY turning center with HALTER LoadAssistant

Doosan Puma 2600SY turning center with HALTER LoadAssistant Alfred Reimer GmbH with universal premium 25/35

"We produce at a more favorable price than low-wage countries."
Rainer Reimer, Owner, Alfred Reimer GmbH

Universal Premium 25/35

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Alfred Reimer GmbH specialises in the production of precision parts for the aerospace and machine industry. For 30 years, the precision parts have been applied worldwide.
The owner, Rainer Reimer, is very satisfied with the HALTER LoadAssistant: “Five years ago we lost a part of our work to a low-wage country. Our customer could produce there cheaper. But now that our lathe is automatically loaded we have become much more efficient, as we can now produce those components at night without an operator. Now our customer no longer needs to outsource to a low-wage country. Now choosing us is more favorable.”


Alfred Reimer GmbH

Specialised in the production of precision parts for the aerospace and machine industry

25 employees