Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT lathe with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT lathe with HALTER LoadAssistant Westbrug Techniek BV with universal premium 25/35

"We see the Halter like a bar feeder; it’s easy to use and fast to set up."
Andrew van der Bruggen, Owner, Westbrug Techniek BV

Universal Premium 25/35

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Andrew van der Bruggen of Westbrug Techniek has invested in a second HALTER LoadAssistant. The HALTER is connected to a Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT lathe. Van der Bruggen: “For a long time now we have been convinced that the production of the machine should not be limited by the regular working hours of our operators. We see the HALTER as a bar feeder. It’s simple and actually essential to achieving a good return. The HALTER doesn’t run only during the day, but often at night or on weekends. We just make sure to plan the work so that the slightly larger series can be loaded by HALTER.”

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