Mazak Quick Turn 200MSY with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mazak Quick Turn 200MSY with HALTER LoadAssistant OS Feinmechanik GmbH with universal premium 25/35

"Double the number of spindle hours."
Otto Schleich, Owner, OS Feinmechanik GmbH

Universal Premium 25/35

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“Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant, we have doubled the number of spindle hours. But above all, it is now much easier for us to produce and deliver just in time,” says Otto Schleich, owner of OS Feinmechanik Dachau. This is how the supplier of precision mechanical components is responding to the ever shorter turnaround time that customers ask for: “We can now produce small series in a cost-effective manner.” Otto Schleich installed the first HALTER LoadAssistant on a Mazak Quick Turn 200MSY, a CNC lathe with a sub-spindle and a turret.

The metal entrepreneur from Dachau was looking for a solution to automate the production of smaller and medium-sized series in order to be less dependent on experienced employees. “I was looking for an easy-to-use system that is flexible and quick to set up.” With the combination of the HALTER LoadAssistant and the Mazak CNC machine, OS Feinmechanik Dachau can perform various operations on the workpieces unmanned, including measuring on the machine. Even the tool settings can be corrected without interrupting production on the CNC machine. The only improvement that Otto Schleich would like to see is that the gripper fingers are numbered. Then you can also save the settings for the fingers in the setup data. However, this does not prevent him from already making plans for a second system: “Depending on the order from our customer, it will be in 2019. Because with the HALTER LoadAssistant we can now produce even when one of our operators is off or ill. And in the evening we run it unmanned as a second shift.”

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