Mazak Variaxis J-500 with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mazak Variaxis J-500 with HALTER LoadAssistant ASS Maschinenbau GmbH with universal premium 25/35

"Buying a flexible robot was a must. After all alternatives had been carefully studied, we chose for the HALTER LoadAssistant."
Rolf Würstlin, Director , ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

Universal Premium 25/35

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At ASS Maschinenbau in Overath (Germany) the HALTER LoadAssistant is connected to a Mazak Variaxis J-500 Vertical Machining Center. Technical Director Rolf Würstlin: “In order to better respond to the needs of clients and changing jobs, buying a flexible loading robot was a must. Also, it was our goal to produce unmanned in the evening and night hours. After all the alternatives had been carefully studied, the choice was made for the HALTER LoadAssistant, due primarily to its quality, simplicity and reliability."

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