Mazak VTC200C II and 250-II-QT with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mazak VTC200C II and 250-II-QT with HALTER LoadAssistant Westbrug Techniek B.V. with universal premium 25/35

"We can produce more and respond flexibly to customer demand."
Andrew van der Bruggen, Owner, Westbrug Techniek B.V.

Universal Premium 25/35

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Westbrug Engineering was founded in 2006 and has now 10 Mazak machines in use, of which the vertical machining center Mazak VTC200C II and the turning center Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT are working with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Owner Andrew Van der Bruggen believes in intelligent automation: “With the HALTER we can respond much better to the sudden demands of the customer. We initially purchased one HALTER LoadAssistant but soon we purchased a second system, to produce even more outside the regular working hours and without extra people. 

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