Mikron with HALTER LoadAssistant

Mikron with HALTER LoadAssistant Veros Metaalwerken BV with universal premium 25/35

"We plan small batches during the day and the larger batches in the evenings."
Oscar Fränzel, Owner, Veros Metaalwerken BV

Universal Premium 25/35

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Veros Metaalwerken in Scherpenzeel has integrated the HALTER LoadAssistant with a Mikron machining center for automating its medium-sized batches. Owner Oscar Fränzel: “Due to smart planning, Mikron is operating the smaller batches during the day, and the larger batches are running in the evening. As a result, our productivity has drastically increased.” 

Meanwhile, Veros has also invested in a 5-axis machining center, where another HALTER has been deployed.

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