Miyano ABX64 with HALTER LoadAssistant

Miyano ABX64 with HALTER LoadAssistant Paul Wegener GmbH with universal premium 25/35

"Compared to other solutions, this system can be loaded with raw parts during operation."
Thomas Wegener, Managing Director, Paul Wegener GmbH

Universal Premium 25/35

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As a reaction to the shortage of personnel and the goal of unmanned production, Paul Wegener GmbH relies on the combination of a Miyano ABX64 chuck lathe with simultaneous machining and the HALTER Universal Premium 20.
For managing director Thomas Wegener, a decisive factor for Halter automation was the parallel loading during machining: "Compared to other solutions, this system can be loaded with blanks during operation without having to enter the safety area". One of the biggest changes brought about by automatic machine loading is the constant output independent of personnel, which has increased by 10 to 50 % depending on production planning. Thomas Wegener: "More and more running products are to be transferred from the previous technology to the automation cell in order to avoid multiple voltages and thus increase efficiency or to relieve heavily utilized capacities".
The reaction of the employees is also positive due to the reduction in workload and the elimination of monotony. As a result of the more intensive quality control, improvement of processes and avoidance of insertion errors, the faulty production of highly precise and complex products is reduced. The Paul Wegener GmbH is able to further strengthen the market position and growth of the family business through constant expansion on state-of-the-art machinery, and to meet the highest demands on precision and prices.
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