Nakamura-Tome AS 200 with HALTER LoadAssistant

Nakamura-Tome AS 200 with HALTER LoadAssistant Rotec Engineering Ltd with universal premium 25/35

"Whole weekends production of machine parts with no interaction from the operator."
Paul Butler, Managing Director & Owner, Rotec Engineering Ltd

Universal Premium 25/35

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Rotec Engineering is specialised in medium to high volume production of turned and milled components offered in all materials. The company was established in 1996 and has continued throughout its history to invest in the very latest technology to ensure its competitiveness and quality. As a traditional subcontract engineering company, they understand the importance of quick turnaround, on time delivery and the production of quality parts. Recently a pair of Halter robots have been integrated at Rotec Engineering, one to a machining centre and one to a turning centre.

Paul Butler about the HALTER LoadAssistants they have installed in their factory:
“We were one of the front runners in UK to start with automation of our production. We think this is the future of manufacturing in the UK. It is all about having a consistent and reliable process. With the HALTER LoadAssistant we can have whole weekends production of machine parts with no interaction from the operator, except for the inspections.”

“With a pallet truck you can move the machine within 20 minutes to another machine. As soon as you plug it into the interface, it recognizes the machine it is on and brings up the library of work that you have already done on that machine. So actually the process of moving and resetting is very, very quick.”

Rotec Engineering Ltd

Manufacturer of small machined parts such as fastener, nuts, bolts caps, stripper pins, boss mounts, connectors

17 employees
United Kingdom