Okuma Macturn 550 and Doosan Puma V8300M with HALTER LoadAssistant

Okuma Macturn 550 and Doosan Puma V8300M with HALTER LoadAssistant Mechanische Industrie Coronam B.V. with turnstacker big 35/70

"With the Halter TurnStacker Big 70 we now can turn heavy parts unmanned."
Ronald Engel, Technical Director, Mechanische Industrie Coronam B.V.
TurnStacker Big 35/70 - Loading robotic solution

TurnStacker Big 35/70

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For Coronam, a supplier of components for the machine, food and petrochemical industries, among others, the HALTER TurnStacker Big 70 means more flexibility, faster loading of heavy workpieces and less physical strain on employees. The new robotic loading system can load workpieces weighing up to 50 kilograms in the Okuma Macturn 550 CNC lathe. “For the heavier pieces, we were looking for a solution to increase the unmanned spindle hours. Depending on the product and the machining operations, we can now go unmanned for about five or six hours,” says Ronald Engel, Technical Director.

These unmanned hours give the supplier extra flexibility to respond quickly. Thanks to the pallet-loading option, the robot can place the products on both the stacking station (up to 600 mm high products) and the pallet (up to approximately one meter high). The HALTER TurnStacker Big can move the pieces more quickly than the CNC operator because the operator must use a crane for the heavy pieces.

“In addition, now that the robot is loading the pieces, the work for the operators becomes physically less strenuous", continues Engel. As soon as a Doosan Puma V8300M CNC lathe is adapted for automation, Ronald Engel wants to use the HALTER TurnStacker Big 70 on this machine as well: “We use the crane or forklift truck to move the robot, depending on which machine we are working with."

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