Okuma Space Turn LB3000 EX II with HALTER LoadAssistant

Okuma Space Turn LB3000 EX II with HALTER LoadAssistant Superior Metal Products, Inc. with universal premium 25/35

"I have never been told by a CNC machinist that her or his favorite part of the job is the loading and unloading of parts."
Frank O'Connor, Director , Superior Metal Products, Inc.

Universal Premium 25/35

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With the ongoing labor shortage, Superior Metal Products, Inc. (CNC Machining Job Shop in Omaha, Nebraska) considers automation options with every machine tool purchase. “Automating mundane tasks not only reduces costs, it also gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people. Halter is in perfect alignment with this strategy”, according to Frank O’Connor, company president. After exploring several part loading options, top reasons for choosing Halter to pair with their Okuma LB3000EX II turning center were high mix compatibility, ease of changeover and straight forward conversational programming. Additionally, the company is realizing higher efficiency through consistency, extended hours of operation and better “next up” preparedness.

Superior Metal Products, Inc.

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Omaha, Nebraska