Load your Mikron CNC machines easily with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Increase your return from the same machine with smart and efficient CNC automation.

The Swiss company Mikron started in the 1950s with the production of ball-point pens for Albe, a company it later acquired. At the time Albe was a designated vendor for pen companies such as Parker, Waterman and PaperMate. As the production of different types of pens is such a precise task, the company has further developed itself in the production of CNC machines for other branches engaged in very detailed work.

Mikron’s machining centres are widely used in the international pharmaceutical, medical, car and watch industries. They use their Mikron CNC lathes and CNC milling machines for jobs that require high precision with lots of details and fine finish. The HALTER LoadAssistant can easily be connected to the Mikron CNC machines. You can also have your Mikron come equipped with the HALTER LoadAssistant and thereby increase the efficiency of your machine. The payback period of the HALTER LoadAssistant can be realized within just one year.


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Mikron with Halter LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant® in action.

Watch the video and see how the HALTER LoadAssistant works.

Mikron with Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation


The HALTER LoadAssistant is designed to improve the production output with a simple and affordable automation. Read the stories of our customers here.

Joseph Hurley, CEO | Pro Products, Inc.

"We are achieving our production target with just one CNC operator."

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Rick Hoffman, CEO | EIMCo LLC

"We can easily move the Halter from one machine to the other."

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Matt James, President | M&M Precision Machining

"With the Halter TurnStacker Premium 20 we manufacture 30% more parts each day."

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Randy Decker, Owner | Decker Precision Machining Inc.

"My operators can work with the Halter; no robot knowledge is required at all."

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