How does the Halter LoadAssistant work?

The HALTER LoadAssistant is a robotic system for CNC machine automation. The CNC robot can be connected to any new or existing CNC lathe or milling machine and easily moved from one machine to another.

  • Complete plug-and-play solution for each brand of CNC machine, new or existing
  • Set-up time takes less than 5 minutes
  • No experience with robotics is required
  • Easily moved from one CNC machine to another
  • Reliable technology

Watch the video and see how the Halter LoadAssistant works.

Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation

Easy to move

  • Robot cell is moveable to another machine with a pallet truck
  • Quick calibration possible thanks to the self-centering anchors
  • Automatic identification of the CNC machine


Accessible and safe

  • CNC machine is accessible by the operator at all times
  • Floor scanner slows down and stops the robot arm if operator approaches
  • No compromise on total safety of your operator


HALTER SmartControl

  • No robotics experience required
  • Program ready in just a few steps
  • Brilliant in its simplicity



  • The robot and CNC machine continue operating while you are setting up a new series
  • Workpieces can be filled from the backside thanks to the rotating table
  • No production interruption while setting up a new series