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Fully automatic door opener for CNC machines

Are your CNC machine operators still manually opening and closing the machine doors hundreds of times a day? You can unburden your employees, prevent injuries with the automatic door opener from CNC AutoDoor.

Good CNC operators are hard to find. So you have every reason to take good care of them and avoid unnecessary strain and sick leave. Repeatedly opening and closing machine doors by hand leads to injuries, but this action can easily be automated with an automatic door opener. For several years, CNC AutoDoor has been supplying servo-controlled automatic door openers to almost every machine manufacturer. The CNC AutoDoor is also quick and easy to install as a retrofit for your existing machines.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Your operators are no longer burdened with manually opening and closing machine doors
  • CNC AutoDoor's automatic door openers are 100% safe and CE certified
  • No light curtain or failure-prone pneumatics, but maintenance-free servomotors
  • Easy to install yourself or by one of our service partners 

CNC AutoDoor opening two doors or left door only


The door openers of CNC AutoDoor are designed to automatically open and close the door(s) of CNC machines. The servo-controlled door openers are supplied with a control cabinet, equipped with a Siemens control module which is self-learning and automatically detects resistance. Thus the CNC AutoDoor is 100% safe and can be used without additional limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches etc. The CNC AutoDoor comes with a set of universal mounting brackets, allowing the system to be installed on any CNC machine. The door opener can be controlled using the I/O signals available in the CNC machine or with additional mounted push buttons. Of course, the manual that is supplied with the CNC AutoDoor carefully explains how to install it in a proper and safe manner.

Hwacheon  CNC AutoDoor opening two doors or left door only-high

We are happy to provide advice!

Contact us and let us know which CNC machine(s) you would like to equip with an automatic door opener. We can then advise you exactly which door opener model is suitable and inform you about the installation.