Loading CNC Machines With Robots

When using robots, you can load your CNC production machines with ease. Adding and using a Halter LoadAssistant in your shop or production facility is also an incredibly simple process to do — so simple that a lot of small to mid-level size machine shops increase thier return on investment quickly with our simplified plug and play system by just using the Halter LoadAssistant robots to load their CNC Machine.

A robot loader like the LoadAssistant is an excellent investment for your company. As a business owner or a machinist yourself, we’re sure that you’ve already discovered and determined the excellent returns of employing robots for your facility. The only reason you’re here is that you’re looking for the best manufacturer of CNC robot loaders.

If, on the other hand, you’re a purchase department head or a business manager who’s still in your research phase, then this quick rundown of the benefits of robot CNC machine loaders can help you get up to speed.


Reduce the Workload of Your Employees

A single robot loader can effectively take on an employee's project. Getting a new robot doesn’t mean that you need to let go your team, however. It simply allows you to relocate them to more productive work rather than just loading a CNC machine, which can be quite tedious.  Aside from that, you can expand your operations without hiring more people. At this point, you might be already aware of how hard it is to find good people in the industry. A robot can spare you from that headache, and still work with the great team you have now.


Reduce the Risk of Human Error

No matter how skilled your people are, errors and mistakes can still happen. You can reduce this type of error with robots and ensure that your operations will be smoother and faster than before.

And, you don’t even need to worry about programming — that’s the case with our robots. Programming robot loaders is easy, and it’s difficult to make a mistake with them unless it’s intentional or as a result of deliberate and reckless negligence.

Faster Production Time and Higher Outputs

A robot can load faster than a human, and that’s a fact. They can effectively eliminate the unproductivity and lags that most people generate when they’re the ones loading the CNC machines.

They also reduce the amount of time that the CNC machine must wait before it works on the next batch. If a machine spends one minute per piece and a loading robot can reduce the load time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds, then your machine can start producing 51 pieces of your product in an hour instead of the previous 40 pieces per hour — basically an instant 27% increase in production rate. This is a rough example, but we’re sure that you get the idea.

Of course, this productivity increase depends on the type of products that you produce. Nonetheless, with a robotic loader, this is always a definite plus in your shop or facility.

Greater Work and Production Capacity

The faster your production time is, the higher your output will be. The higher your output capacity is, the more demands you can meet. Regardless of your business approach, you can turn a profit from this change.

Unlike hiring people, the upkeep of having robots as additions to your workforce is also very low. It’s very much like how ancient people benefited from the invention of the wheel. Instead of having to feed and pay three people to carry cargo, you can just load it in a cart and let one person lug around the items.

Our CNC Robot Loaders

Now that you know how they can help, view our video of how are robot loaders work. You have plenty of options to choose from. Note that most of them have specific use cases, typically depending on the piece size and weight that you need to load on your turning or milling machine. Currently, we have three product lines: TurnStacker, MillStacker, and Universal — and their name implies where you can use them.

CNC Robot Loader

Become Industry 4.0 Ready

Today, we’re already in the Fourth Industrial Revolution — or Industry 4.0 as some prefer to call it. Shifting from manned loading to loading automation is just the start of your shop or facility's modernization.

We provide robot loading and unloading CNC machines that can instantly boost your production and profit. Thankfully, it’s both quick and easy to incorporate into your production line.

For a quick idea of how our robots perform, you can check out this article from Modern Machine Shop Online. It gives a brief overview of how we provide our clients with a simplified robotization experience.

Get Your Loading CNC Machine Robots Now

With our wide variety of loading robots Halter LoadAssistants, we’re sure that you could benefit from the use of at least two to three of them in your shop. Not only are they reasonably priced but they’ll last you a long time, which means better returns on investment.

Aside from this, they’re easy to program and automate. If you want a brochure, have any questions, or need advice — just give us a call!

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