Three reasons why the HALTER LoadAssistant is the right solution for CNC operators

19 April 2020

Smaller batches, shorter delivery times, a shortage of skilled workforce and machine tools that are too expensive in relation to the output. As in 2019, CNC machine tool operators in 2020 will have to deal with these challenges once again. HALTER CNC Automation can help you overcome these challenges with our smart loading robot solutions.

Our loading robot solutions match not only the needs of Production Managers and business leaders of job shops. We also offer the right solution for CNC operators, making your job more attractive, reducing the physical workload and giving you more time to focus on the part of your job that really adds value for your company. Here are three reasons why you should consider the HALTER LoadAssistant.

#1 More exciting work? Output!!

Manufacturing complex parts with state-of-the-art machining technology is exciting. As an operator, your knowledge and experience are decisive for finding the best way to clamp the workpiece or finding the most effective milling or turning strategy. Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant, you can focus on adding more value to your company and developing your skills. Have you ever thought about automation in this way?

#2 Easy to program

You need a robot loading system that is easy to operate. The programming software of the HALTER LoadAssistant is so intuitive that switching to a second product takes less than five minutes. Then the robot system is running again, and you can return the more challenging tasks. HALTER CNC Automation has its own team of software engineers who have developed the software with only one thing in mind: making programming easy and fast. Operators can program separate or parallel while the robot is running. Even if you don’t have any robot knowledge, we can train you in a few hours to operate the robot cell.

#3 Re-loading the cell during machining

Our loading robot solutions enable you to re-load the operator side of the workpiece table anytime, while the robot arm continues loading the CNC machine tool. This is really an unique feature of the HALTER LoadAssistant, and it helps you get more products out of your machine tools. The spindle almost never has to stop.

Discover the simplicity of the HALTER LoadAssistant

Worldwide, in more than 25 countries, hundreds of HALTER LoadAssistants have already been delivered and are being used by fully satisfied customers. Thanks to the proven, high-quality technology and the support from our consultants, the production process is further automated and optimized. In 95% of the cases our customers achieve a return of investment of less than 18 months.

If you would like to know more about the HALTER product lines, please download our brochure. Or visit one of our free workshop to see our innovative product lines live in action, sign up here.

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