COVID-19: The challenges of the manufacturing industry

29 July 2020

The COVID-19 measures will have an impact on the activities of the global manufacturing industry for a long time to come. After the initial shock of the (mandatory) closures, companies quickly switched to restarting production. A number of companies are already looking beyond the corona crisis: What lasting changes will there be in supply chains, the competitive field, and the way of working? Can robotization make manufacturing companies more flexible and agile?

During the lockdown, HALTER CNC Automation presented these and other questions to companies in the machining industry – both customers and non customers. In some countries we were simply too early: the strict lockdown there led to company closures, resulting in either no response or a low response rate. In other countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Italy, manufacturing companies did respond. Behind each of these companies there are many more manufacturing companies. Therefore, the results can be seen as an indication of how companies have been affected by the COVID-19 measures and how they expect to adapt to the new reality.

In June, we conducted a survey among CNC machining companies and fortunately, we see that business is cautiously picking up again and that companies are now taking the measures that will make them particularly crisis-proof in the coming period. Curious about the findings?

Download COVID-19 report

Download COVID-19 report

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