Halter expands its portfolio of CNC loading robots with the HALTER Compact

02 November 2020

Halter CNC Automation is the world market leader in loading robots for CNC machines. Halter's systems are known for their user-friendliness and high quality. In addition to the top-selling HALTER Premium and the HALTER Big, the product portfolio has recently been expanded with a new series of loading robots: the HALTER Compact.

Wouter van Halteren, CEO of Halter Group: “We position ourselves as a complete automation partner for our customers. We do this by continuously investing in the development of our product portfolio, but also by quickly and effectively solving customer-specific issues with our application team. Our portfolio consists of loading robots with robotic arms that have a payload of 20, 35 and 70 kg. Our customers and the CNC machine manufacturers we work with have increasingly asked us to also market a Halter for loading smaller workpieces. This has resulted in the development of a high-capacity Halter with a 12 kg robot that takes up very little floor space. It comes at a very competitive price and yet offers all the advantages of the other HALTER robot loading systems. These include high-quality, ease of use and short changeover times, which means that the Halter systems can be used extremely flexibly, even for smaller series.”

Halter CNC Automation B.V., located in Hoevelaken (Netherlands), has a production facility in Issum (Germany). Serial production of the HALTER Compact has now started in this factory and the first systems were already installed in September.

Van Halteren: "With the Compact, we have succeeded in bringing a high-quality industrial automation system to the market, at a price that was considered impossible until recently."

There are three different HALTER Compact models: Universal for both lathes and milling machines, TurnStacker for lathes, and MillStacker for milling machines.

For more information on the HALTER Compact please contact us.

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