HALTER CNC Automation and Fastems intend to join forces in the HALTER Group

12 September 2019

HALTER CNC Automation B.V. from the Netherlands and Fastems Oy Ab from Finland have an intention to establish a joint venture, the HALTER Group, as per 30 September 2019. Relevant parts of Fastems Systems GmbH related to R&D and production of the HALTER LoadAssistant product range will be transferred to the newly founded HALTER CNC Automation GmbH. This company will be located in Issum, Germany and, together with HALTER CNC Automation B.V., it will form the HALTER Group.


Since its establishment in 2013, HALTER CNC Automation has been working closely with Fastems on the engineering and development of the HALTER LoadAssistant portfolio. In addition, Fastems Systems GmbH has been the sole producer of the HALTER LoadAssistants. The combination of the capabilities of both Halter and Fastems has been the key for the worldwide success of HALTER’s automation solutions. Since the introduction in 2014, hundreds of units have been delivered to more than 25 countries, through a strong network of machine tool manufacturers and distributors in Europe and the USA. A more intensive and integrated cooperation is a natural step in order to become the leading company in the offering of flexible, plug & play automation solutions for CNC machines.


Wouter van Halteren, CEO of HALTER CNC Automation: “This joint venture will immediately create a unique sales, service and engineering environment, enabling an excellent customer experience. With the introduction of new models, such as the HALTER Big at the EMO, and the offering of additional services such as application engineering and consultancy, we help our customers become more competitive and more profitable. With the “Halter activities” of Fastems now being integrated into the Halter Group, we can do this more effectively and continue to operate on a worldwide scale.”


Heikki Hallila, Managing Director of Fastems Systems GmbH in Germany: “Both Halter and Fastems are passionate companies providing solutions based on extensive market knowledge. During the past years, the business for the Halter plug & play automation solutions has developed favorably and is now entering the next growth phase where the requirements for cooperation are also changing. The planned joint venture will enable Halter to increase the speed of development and to improve the service level for the rapidly growing customer base. We’re excited about this opportunity to continue the journey with our partner Halter in the form of a joint venture.”


Mikko Nyman, CEO of Fastems Group: “We have been the development partner for Halter solutions from the beginning. The cooperation has only become stronger in product development and technology, and Halter has proven to be a very successful solution to the needs of manufacturers wishing to easily and quickly increase productivity through automation. As Halter is continuously growing, the joint venture is a logical next step to improve Halter’s ability to serve customers, deliver products reliably and bring more smart solutions to the market faster, aided by an experienced and dedicated R&D team.”


Wouter van Halteren (CEO) and Spela Zalokar (Managing Director), founders of HALTER CNC Automation, will form the management of the HALTER Group.


For more information:

Wouter van Halteren: w.vanhalteren@haltercnc.com +31-6201-33300

Heikki Hallila: heikki.hallila@fastems.com +49-162-9923343

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