HALTER inspires BI-MU visitors to step towards Industry 4.0

25 October 2018

The 31st BI-MU in Milan was focused on a market that is rapidly developing towards Industry 4.0. Obviously, HALTER CNC Automation had to be there. Traditionally, Italy is known for its professionalism and experience in automating industrial processes. But the niche market for optimizing small and medium-sized series for SMEs is also growing here. This growth was partly caused by the increasing need for the industry to automate and digitize processes, and on the other hand by the desire of manufacturers to keep stocks small and still deliver quickly.

Innovative entrepreneurs and many Italian representatives from renowned OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) see a bright future in this ‘new manufacturing’. By optimizing their CNC machines with the HALTER LoadAssistant, they gain a good and reliable partner. In hall 11 HALTER showed live how the HALTER LoadAssistant and the CNC machine flawlessly communicate with each other without interrupting the production process for even a second. Visitors could also see that switching can be done very quickly. They saw how the HALTER LoadAssistent, from the safe environment of the loading station, exchanged raw parts for machined parts during the production process. It was also demonstrated how to start the next program. Thus the visitors witnessed very valuable process engineering in the form of the combination of the CNC machine and the HALTER LoadAssistant.

We would like to thank all the visitors to our stand for their interest. In the transition to Industry 4.0, HALTER CNC Automation is the right partner for entrepreneurs who are ready for the next step. We invite you to attend a workshop at one of our HALTER Technology Centers.

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