Successful participation in Okuma Technology Days

10 December 2018

Flexible automation also improves the efficiency of multitasking CNC machines. HALTER CNC Automation demonstrated this during the Okuma Technology Days in Krefeld. Visitors at the Okuma Europe open house were able to see how the HALTER LoadAssistant Universal robot places the raw material in the main spindle and takes the finished product out of the subspindle.


HALTER CNC Automation participated for the first time in Okuma Technology Days in Krefeld. The supplier of flexible and easy-to-connect robotic loading cells for CNC machines was the only automation specialist at the Japanese machine manufacturer’s open house this year. The favorable location of Krefeld also ensured that many Dutch and Belgian operators were at the open house. “Not only were we able to demonstrate our automation solution for German, Dutch, Belgian and French Okuma customers, but we also had the opportunity to speak with many Okuma dealers from other European countries – from Russia, France, the Czech Republic and even Turkey,” says Frans Fontein, area manager at HALTER CNC Automation. “The problems in the machining process are the same in all those countries. Everyone says that automation is not an option, but a necessity.” For the German market, Okuma dealer Hommel sells the Dutch automation system.


Automating a multitasking machine
Using the demo set-up with the Okuma Multus B200W, HALTER CNC Automation showed that automation can be rewarding and relatively simple in the processing of complex parts on multitasking machines. “Okuma's engineer was surprised by the simple connection, flexibility and easy operation of our cell,” says Frans Fontein.

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