Load the imes-icore CNC machines easily and flexibly with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Increase your return from the same machine with smart and efficient CNC automation.

The company was founded in 2002. The abbreviation imes for “integrated mechanics, electronics, software” implies our focus in Eiterfeld:  We focus on ready-to-use system solutions to meet requirements of customers in handicrafts, education and industry. The abbreviation icore stands for “integrated dental solutions” for the dental industry imes-icore combines all the know-how in the development, production, sales and service of complete CNC machine systems with all required additional components and CAD/CAM applications.

Cutting, separating material and assembling processes are offered in the global market in the form of “CNC systems from a single source”. The HALTER LoadAssistant can be quickly and easily connected to a imes-icore CNC machine.


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imes-icore with HALTER LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant® in action.

Watch the video and see how the HALTER LoadAssistant works.

Mazak with Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation


Westbrug Techniek in Wijchen has recently installed its fourth HALTER LoadAssistant, this time on a Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT lathe. The first HALTER LoadAssistant worked so well that the investment in multiple systems was an easy decision. These enable the Mazak CNC machines to be used continuously to achieve the highest possible return. According to Andrew van der Bruggen, there are also plenty of opportunities outside the regular working hours: “We see the HALTER as an automatic feeder. It is simple and in fact indispensable to ensuring a good return. The HALTER is not only running in the daytime, but often also at night or over the weekend. We simply ensure that we plan the work so that the slightly larger series can be loaded by the HALTER.”

The German company ASS Maschinenbau, which specialises in the manufacture of robot hands and grippers for the material handling of plastic components, has in its vertical machining centre the HALTER LoadAssistant connected to a Mazak Vari Axis J-500. To make the best use of the capacity of this machine, it was necessary to purchase a loading robot. The simplicity and flexibility of the HALTER LoadAssistant is what made the company decide to purchase this robot arm. Read more.


The HALTER LoadAssistant is designed to improve the production output with a simple and affordable automation. Read the stories of our customers here.

Otto Schleich, Owner | OS Feinmechanik GmbH

"Double the number of spindle hours."

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Freek Tönis, Director | Hankamp Gears BV

"CNC automation has extremely increased the utilisation rate of our Mazak Integrex."

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Jason Winter, Son of the Founder | Rusco Manufacturing, Inc.

"With Halter our machining centers can be unmanned for longer periods of time."

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Rolf Würstlin, Director | ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

"Buying a flexible robot was a must. After all alternatives had been carefully studied, we chose for the HALTER LoadAssistant."

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