Load the Nakamura-Tome CNC machines easily and flexibly with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Increase your return from the same machine with smart and efficient CNC automation.
Nakamura-Tome from Japan was established in 1949. Today, Nakamura-Tome offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of CNC lathes. You can also have your Nakamura come equipped with the HALTER LoadAssistant to increase the efficiency of your machine.
The payback period of the HALTER LoadAssistant can be realized within just one year.

Discover the comfort of the HALTER LoadAssistant at a free workshop.


Nakamura Tome with Halter LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant® in action.

Watch the video and see how the HALTER LoadAssistant works.

Nakamura Tome with Halter LoadAssistant loading robot cnc automation