Hwacheon 200A lathe with HALTER LoadAssistant

Hwacheon 200A lathe with HALTER LoadAssistant M&M Precision Machining with turnstacker premium 20/35

"With the Halter TurnStacker Premium 20 we manufacture 30% more parts each day."
Matt James, President, M&M Precision Machining

Since M&M Precision Machining invested in the HALTER TurnStacker Premium, it produces each day 30% more parts on the Hwacheon 200A CNC lathe; with the same staff. “With 18 hours a day a human operator at the lathe, we used to manufacture up to 800 to 850 pieces. Now we manufacture more than 1100 parts each day,” says Matt James, President of the contract manufacturer. M&M Precision Machining is familiar with unmanned machining. The 19 Swiss type lathes run quite some hours unmanned every day. And there are two vertical machining centers equipped with a robot loader.

Matt James started looking for easy to use automation for the lathe because the team must do a hard turning operation with a one minute cycle time on 6” gears. “When the operators heard about the HALTER solution, they were excited because they know this eliminates manual loading of the machine.” The production has increased 30% by automate the loading of the gears. Matt James and his team chose the HALTER TurnStacker Premium because the robot cell is very easy to program and set up. It’s really a plug-and-play solution: “With a pallet jacket we can even move the robot cell to another lathe if necessary.”

M&M Precision Machining

Contract Manufacturer
40 employees
Elk River, MN