HALTER LoadAssistant loads laser engraving machine at Intec

07 February 2019

TEC³ from Stützengrün , which recently became a partner of HALTER CNC Automation, shows a special automation solution based on the universally applicable HALTER LoadAssisant at the metalworking trade show Intec in Leipzig. TEC³ has designed a pallet system for crates full of workpieces. This is integrated into the HALTER LoadAssistant. The robot places the workpieces from the crates into a laser engraving system.


With this, TEC³ shows that you can also use our universal robotic loading system for special cases, says Frans Fontein, area sales manager at HALTER CNC Automation, regarding their German partner's solution. TEC³ is going to develop these kinds of special solutions, which are feasible within the limits of our system, for customers throughout Germany.


Three times in Leipzig

HALTER CNC Automation is actually exhibiting three times this week for the Intec visitors in Leipzig. At its own stand it is demonstrating a HALTER LoadAssistant Universal with a 20 kilogram robot. At the TEC³ stand the special solution is being shown. The robot enables the laser engraving machine to engrave some 200 workpieces unmanned. And the third place where visitors can see our robot is at the Mazak demo centre, a few minutes from the trade fair says Frans Fontein. Mazak has a demo centre in Leipzig, where the HALTER LoadAssistant is permanently connected to a Quickturn CNC lathe. Every day Mazak invites customers to come in for breakfast, provides a demonstration of the machines and automation and then brings them to the trade fair with a VIP shuttle.


Workshops in the region

Intec in Leipzig is primarily a regional trade fair. Frans Fontein notices that the companies here are also suffering from a lack of professionals. This increases their interest in easy automation. However, customers who do not yet have automation are nervous. They do not know what a robot can offer them. With the demos at the trade fair we can take away these concerns. Frans Fontein is pleased that TEC³ has recently become a partner of the Dutch supplier of standard robotic loading systems. At TEC³ in Stützengrün we now have our own HALTER Technology Center. We can receive customers from the region individually and show them what automation would mean for their products and company. He notices that these workshops, which every company can attend individually, help the manufacturing companies take the first step toward automation. And once they have the first robot, you often see that they quickly buy a second and a third.

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