Strong link with the practice of machining

01 June 2022

The Open House and Workshop Week of HALTER CNC Automation were a great success

The workshop week organized for the first time in mid-May by HALTER CNC Automation at the German production location in Issum (NRW), and the open house held at the same time, received a very positive response.

Both events took place in the new factory hall of HALTER CNC Automation, whose production capacity was recently increased to more than 2,500 square metres.

Wouter van Halteren, CEO of HALTER CNC Automation, is more than satisfied with the results: "The event week was a great success. Many registered participants took the opportunity to obtain detailed information about our various loading robots in personalized workshops. Each visitor had a personal contact person, who took the time to explain the technical details and answer all questions. A strong link with practice was always in the foreground." The workshop participants could therefore bring their own workpieces if they wished to see for themselves how easy and uncomplicated it is to handle parts with a HALTER LoadAssistant. In addition, each participant was given the opportunity to have their own ROI calculated, in order to get a concrete idea of how profitable a loading robot would be for their company.

At present, HALTER CNC Automation offers its loading robots in the Compact, Premium and Big versions, which in turn are subdivided into the model variants "Universal" (turning and milling), "TurnStacker" (turning) and "MillStacker" (milling). "The extensive standardization of our various loading robots makes it possible for customers to integrate our solutions into their production in a very simple and targeted manner. The operation of the system and the configuration of the robots are intuitive, which means that the advantages of our automation solutions can be realized very quickly," says Wouter van Halteren.

In addition, during guided tours of the new assembly hall, visitors were able to see for themselves that HALTER CNC Automation is increasingly also implementing customer-specific solutions and for this purpose, among other things, develops special part buffers and workpiece holders or adapts the kinematics of loading robots, for example to integrate a measuring point in the robot cell.

Combining the Open House and Workshop Week turned out to be a great idea, as evidenced by the very positive feedback received from participants and visitors. It is therefore certain for CEO Wouter van Halteren that the event in Issum will take place again next year.

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