Why the HALTER LoadAssistant is the right solution for job shop owners | Halter CNC Automation

12 November 2020

Smaller batches, shorter delivery times, a shortage of skilled workforce and machine tools that are too expensive in relation to the output. As in 2019, these themes will continue to be the main challenges for many suppliers in 2020. Do you as a small business owner or manager recognize these challenges? We at HALTER CNC Automation can provide you with a solution that helps you overcome them.

Our solutions match the needs of owners and managers of job shops. The HALTER loading robot systems increase the output and flexibility of your existing CNC machine tools. Your production manager and CNC operators get more time to really focus on the things that add value to your business. We can prove that your investment in a HALTER will quickly be profitable.

#1 Reliable partner

HALTER CNC Automation is backed by Fastems, the global market leader in FMS systems that run 24/7 in the most demanding industries. The knowledge of Fastems combined with the competence and experience of the HALTER team has led to a solution for SMEs that also fits your needs.

#2 We convince you before you invest

At HALTER CNC Automation we believe in transparency. Before you invest in our loading robot solution, you and your production manager and/or your operator can participate in one of our workshops, which will be customized to your company and your applications. In just half a day, we’ll show you the advantages of our solutions for your company, your customers and your staff. Together with your operations manager, we’ll calculate the ROI. In the same workshop, your staff can experience how easy it is to work with our systems. We’ll also show you how to boost profitability.

#3 Turnkey solutions

You don’t have to worry about how to get the robot loading cell running. At HALTER CNC Automation we offer you a turnkey solution. As we have already installed several hundreds of HALTER Load Assistant systems, connected to different CNC machine tools, we can ensure that you have a lot of unmanned production hours in just a few days.

#4 More satisfied customers, more satisfied staff

Do you need to reduce costs and at the same time increase capacity in 2020? Looking for more flexibility to react to the demands in the markets? Do you want more satisfied customers and staff? Then this may be the most important reason you should consider talking with the HALTER team. We can immediately solve your production, HR and competitiveness challenges. Automate your CNC machine tools to create more flexible manufacturing capacity, which is ready to use whenever the market demands it, without the fixed costs of staff and expensive new CNC machine tools.

Discover the simplicity of the HALTER LoadAssistant

Worldwide, in more than 25 countries, hundreds of HALTER LoadAssistants have already been delivered and are being used by fully satisfied customers. Thanks to the proven, high-quality technology and the support from our consultants, the production process is further automated and optimized. In 95% of the cases our customers achieve a return of investment of less than 18 months.

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