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17 December 2020

CNC machine loading robots are becoming popular to allow companies to manufacture their products with greater efficiency. An increasing number of companies are now shifting to automation because they have discovered how CNC machine loading robots can improve their production speed, capacity, and profitability.

That is why HALTER is currently extending its reach to companies that have not discovered the numerous benefits that automation can bring to them. We are primarily focusing on helping small and medium-sized companies that aim to run efficient production lines.

Why Use A CNC Machine Loading Robot

HALTER CNC's product series provides loading solutions for every commonly used CNC machine used in manufacturing, such as lathes, mills, induction hardening,  gear hobbing, shaping etc.. Our robots can automatically load and unload materials to those machines quickly and safely.

Every idle second removed by automation equates to additional profit. After all, automation improves machine utilization, lessens the required manual labor, and reduces rate of human error. Those are the reasons using our products can give manufacturers several advantages and an edge over their competitors.

Back then, it was taboo for small and medium-sized companies to deploy robots for their production processes. But now, times have already changed because of the availability of affordable and easy-to-operate robots.

For the past few years, integrating loading robots in entry-level businesses have become common. Companies like us who provide affordable small scale automation solutions made it possible. Our products even allowed startups to keep up and even compete against larger manufacturing companies.

Advantages Of Using Loading Robots

There are several ways that your company can benefit from HALTER CNC machine tending robots. As mentioned, every second or time saved piles up to additional profit, but aside from that, there are other advantages that you can exploit. Some of them are:

  • Making automation flexible: Easy connection with any CNC equipment is possible with Halter CNC machine tending robots.
  • Upgraded throughput and speed: Even your fastest machine operators take time loading and unloading CNC machines to avoid safety and precision issues. But these issues are not present with machine tending robots from Halter CNC. The result is higher throughput and more profit by combining speed and safety.
  • Improved system uptime: Manual operation can only work efficiently for around eight hours but loading robots can work round the clock without supervision.
  • Reduced operating costs: Adding the initial cost of loading robots to its overall operational costs is significantly lower than hiring skilled workers.
  • Increased quality: Manual workers are more prone to errors compared to automation machines. But this issue is minimal with Halter CNC loading robots.
  • Multitasking: Loading robots can work with multiple machines and perform other operations aside from loading and unloading tools and workpieces.
  • Improving employee satisfaction: Skilled workers can operate more machines, provide better output, and work in a safe environment with the support of Halter CNC loading robots.

Maximizing CNC Machine Loading Robots

The two initial steps of maximizing CNC machine loading robots are purchasing and installing them as soon as possible. The earlier you get them, the earlier they can pay for themselves.

Of course, there are other ways you can maximize them, and they are:

Lights Off And Unmanned Machining

Any manufacturing company will benefit from lights off and unmanned machining. Halter CNC made it more possible for CNC manufacturing companies by providing loading robots that can operate round-the-clock. Our loading robots can perform beyond simple and repetitive tasks. So, rest assured that lights off machining with our loading robots provide uninterrupted quality output.

Halter CNC loading robots can switch between a variety of tasks in a fully automated manner. Initially, loading robots have the limit of loading and unloading the workpiece to the CNC machine. But today, changing over tools clamps and robot grippers are possible with our product series. There is less work for your CNC machine operators as a result.

Profit Boost And Employee Prioritization

Continuous operation round-the-clock provides a steady profit for your machining business. Also, loading robots and CNC machines can quickly get in sync, eventually eliminating idle time. So, automating a massive part of your production processes will benefit your business in many ways.

Rather than using CNC machine loading robots as a threat to the workforce, you can use our products as a complimentary service. It can work hand in hand with your employees, which improves their performance, helping them work on higher priority tasks. They still need to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot our machines anyway.

Minimal Technical Knowledge Required For Operation

Traditional robots for small and medium-sized companies require programming languages to operate efficiently. However, a single program can only make these robots do a single task. As a result, production managers don't recommend using these robots for flexible businesses. Small and medium-sized companies process various products, after all.

But it is not the case when you use Halter CNC loading robots. A single product from our series can operate several tasks from a single instruction. After its deployment, a machine operator can readily run our loading robot and assign a specific task. That is why small and medium manufacturing companies don't need specialists to maximize the potential of automation.

User-friendly Software Interface

Having a user-friendly interface provides an easy operation for CNC machine loading robots. That is why operating Halter CNC products don't require operators to learn programming languages. All they need to do is input product size, quantity, location, and clamping method. The rest of the tasks are fully automated, such as controlling the grippers or opening or closing the drawers.

We are happy to tell you that our robots don't compromise safety while being easy to operate. We equipped Halter Smart Control to our loading robots, providing ease of use to your machinists. Our robots also have scanners that stop the operation when somebody approaches them.

Improve And Automate Your Manufacturing Processes

You can now afford an easy operation, minimal downtime, lowered instances of maintenance, continuous profit, and making a safer workplace. By deploying a machine tending robot on your shop floor, it will begin to provide income and eventually paying for itself. Start enjoying these benefits by using Halter CNC products today!

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