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25 February 2021

Efficiency is an integral aspect of any production or manufacturing industry. Aside from producing goods that pass quality control, getting them completed in a timely manner is of equal importance. Over the years, the inclusion of a CNC machine loading robot has become a manufacturing industry staple. What has changed is how they are now being paired with automation systems and simulation software to further boost the productivity rate.

Making the LoadAssistant Do the Work

Our Halter LoadAssistant is designed to work with CNC machine automation. The robotic system under our brand can be easily connected to both existing or new computer numerical controls milling or lathe machines.

One of the primary benefits of our machine tending robot can be seen in a side-by-side comparison with manual processes. The few times our robot ceases operations are during routine maintenance. This means our machine’s productivity rate is not constrained by manual labor.

Simple Solutions With Big Impacts on Manufacturing Industries

What we offer is a simple-to-use automation solution. Ours is a plug-and-play setup that can pair with any CNC machine brand both old and new. Unlike the competition, our LoadAssistant does not require any custom programming. We can say that our tending tools are as easy to use as your standard copy machine—maybe even easier!

Another key dilemma that most manufacturing companies encounter with a CNC tending machine is its massive and difficult-to-move frame. Not our robots! Users can move our CNC tending robots from one machine to the next with absolute ease. Our Halter technology is built to pair with the top CNC brands. Its preprogrammed tech allows anybody to complete our machine-to-machine setup in as little as 5 minutes. No need for any robotics background or related workshop.

Because we offer the most reliable system, our machines are operator accessible at any given moment. Halter ensures all the best safety features are built-in so that operators can approach without compromising safety.

Proper Integration of CNC Machine Tending Robot and Automation

Though the advantages of CNC combined with automation are apparent, there are still hurdles that must be overcome. The general assumption we need to debunk is that CNC machines once automated can run all day and all night in the dark and on their own.

While CNC machines can in fact be set up to complete cuts and operations during the night, they however must be set up by the operator properly. Inspections must be completed, and parameters must be programmed for the process to work. It is important to note that a CNC Machine Tending Robot is often unable to detect any wear and tear on a tool bit.

The Halter Automation Brings Results

When it comes to CNC robots and automation in the workplace, lots of businesses still consider having either as an option that is nice to have but is not the biggest need. This is an outdated way of thinking.

Nowadays, having systems that can boost the efficiency and efficacy of any business is paramount and is essential. To think otherwise is a huge mistake on the part of any business owner who is looking to increase their output and boost business revenues. We at Halter understand how automation can provide a much-needed simple solution in a manufacturing industry that can otherwise be complicated.

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