Halter CNC Automation Releases The Halter Compact To Expand Its Portfolio Of CNC Loading Robots | Halter CNC Automation

17 November 2020

Cascade IowaHalter CNC Automation releases the Halter Compact as an addition to its existing CNC loading robots. Its models have a 26.45 lbs payload, which is optimum for manufacturers that use a small payload workpiece. The models offer the smallest footprint among all their products.

Halter also provides a three-month free demo to test the feasibility of this product. All models are movable by a pallet truck. They also have a feature of easy movement from one CNC machine to another.

The three models of the new Halter Compact series-2

The three Halter Compact models are TurnStacker Compact for lathes, MillStacker Compact for milling machines, and Universal Compact for flexible purposes. The reduced payload still offers a wide range of workpiece sizes. The TurnStacker Compact can accommodate diameters up to 6.29" (160mm), while the MillStacker can load workpieces up to 7.87" (200mm). Universal Compact has a long shaft option available for workpieces up to 9.84" (250mm).

Rick Hoffman, CEO of Halter’s US based headquarters believes “Halter is dedicated to helping all manufacturers automate their CNC machines, from small shops to large facilities. We believe that a smaller compact CNC loading robot can help save square footage allowing for more machines and productions and therefore building a more powerful future for the American manufacturing industry”

Along with Mr. Hoffman, Wouter Van Halteren, CEO of Halter Group Netherlands, looks forward to industrial automation changes after releasing Halter Compact. The Halter Compact has "succeeded in bringing a high-quality industrial automation system to the market, at a price that was considered impossible until recently," according to him.

Halter CNC has a portfolio of CNC loading robots with robotic arms with payloads of 44.09, 75.16, 154.32 lbs. The increasing demand for smaller models made the company push through the limits. It has resulted in developing a high-capacity Halter with a 26.4 lbs robot that takes up very little floor space.

The release of these product series making the Halter CNC offer cost-effective while maintaining the quality of their existing models. "It comes at a very competitive price and yet offers all the advantages of the other Halter robot loading systems. These include high-quality, ease of use, and short changeover times, which means that the Halter systems can be used extremely flexibly, even for smaller series," said Van Halteren.

Loading robots such as the Halter Compact series provide manufacturing solutions to load and unload parts to a production machine such as a CNC machine. Making a robot place a workpiece inside a CNC machine increases production speeds and protects workers from injury. More than that, loading robots can offer lights-off manufacturing. The reduction of payload still caters to the range that standard CNC machines can handle.

Halter CNC Automation., located in Hoevelaken (Netherlands), has a headquarters in Cascade, IA, USA. They have help manufacturing companies advance their CNC automation for over 30 years. Their systems are known for user-friendliness and high-quality making them a world market leader in CNC loading robots.

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